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Corner and Wood Info

The above links are products that use our standard cut wood and/or the the different corners that we sell here at
Know your Wood
When purchasing corners from our site and wood there are a few things you should be aware of. The wood intended for corners is standard cut lumber, which menas that the 2x4 boards that go into the corners are actually 1.5-1.75x3.5-3.75 due to the cut of the wood. A regular rough cut board that is a true 2x4 will not properly fit in the corners. Please keep this in mind when purchasing wood for your raised beds.

Visual Difference

This is an example of our standard cut wood being placed into one of our corners. Due to its reduced size it fits snuggly in place in the corner bracket.

The above shows a rough cut and true 2x4 trying to be placed into the one our corners. Unfortunately due to its size it is too large to fit into the corner. To make sure that you avoid facing this issue make sure that you have purchased the proper sized boards.