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Garlic Growing Tips

Posted by Andy S. on

One of the most flavorful things you can grow in your raised beds, grow bag or container is also one of the easiest – with a little bit of pre-planning. Garlic! Whichever variety you prefer, Garlic is an easy to grow crop that does well in zones 3-8. In most parts of the country, it needs to be planted in the autumn for harvest next summer.

Our Favorite Garlic Growing Tips:

  • The bigger the clove you plant, the bigger the head you’ll harvest, so select the biggest and best cloves from your available stock.
  • Garlic will provide some pest protection and will even act as a fungicide for its neighbors! It does well with almost all flowers and veggies, and likes full sun, but keep it away from your Asparagus, Peas, Beans, Sage and Parsley – it will stunt their growth.
  • Garlic needs 4-8” spacing in the garden. Tight spacing will produce smaller heads, but can still be useful in small patches in the garden as a companion plant.
  • While you have to wait for late summer to harvest the heads, trimming Scapes (the curly stemmed flower bud part) in mid to late June will not only encourage larger bulbs, but also will make a delicious addition to fresh pesto or any other dish that needs a kick.
  • When planning your planting, remember to plant about 20-25% more than you need. You’ll then have your own stock for replanting next year!